Ridiculous Rumor: Is Hooters Landing in Brooklyn Heights?

Is Hooters coming to the infamous Busy Chef space in Brooklyn Heights or a former Blockbuster in Cobble Hill? McBrooklyn is dubious of the rumors, but the thought of a breastaurant landing in these parts demands to be contemplated. If it happens, will Hooters appease the New Brooklyn Cuisine crowd by ditching its crappetizers and switching to organic “poussin wings”? And will the waitresses also have to be all-natural? Hooters has always been picky about sourcing when it comes to its staff: We know a svelte server who says she was put on probation and taken off the floor after she gained eight pounds. (Okay, if we’re going to be slinging accusations, we should probably disclose that Brocabulary only received three out of four “hooties” from Hooters magazine — yes, Hooters has a magazine.) If you can think of more Hooters Cobble Hill menu items, or gimmicks that will endear the restaurant to the neighborhood, do leave them in the comments.

Baseless But Fun Rumors: Hooters in Brooklyn Heights? Cobble Hill? [McBrooklyn]

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