Rachel Zoe's ‘Bananas' Trademark Shall Be Fought

T-shirt designer Christopher Sauvé plans to fight Rachel Zoe. Last week her lawyer informed Sauvé that "I Die" and "Bananas" are trademarked and that he can't sell the Zoe-inspired T-shirt he designed with those phrases on it. Sauvé has since received a call from someone who sounded suspiciously like Zoe's assistant Brad, asking if the T-shirts were off shelves. He also just hired a trademark attorney to fight Zoe and says he's launching a "Free the Fruit" campaign to "free fruit from corporate trademark." He adds, "Fruits have been expressing themselves for ages in the fashion world for far too long to be trademarked." His new T-shirts will each feature a "supermodel fruit," proceeds from which will go toward funding the legal expenses associated with the campaign (lawyer bills don't pay themselves). Sauvé invites the general public to send an e-mail to chris@chrissauve.com him ideas so he can produce designs with the most popular fruits. Here you see a shirt inspired by our last post on this topic. Your favorite fruit could be next!

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