Prince William Runner-up in Beard Contest; Don't Spend $95 on an Eye-Shadow Brush

Prince William and his disarming alter ego, Prince "Hairy."

• Prince William has a new beard, warranting the nickname Prince "Hairy." He was also the runner-up for the Beard of the Year award. How did we miss this until now? [Off the Rack/People]

• Apparently Smooth Away hair-removal pads are great for removing girl 'staches. [Spoiled Pretty]

• One blogger on typeface made out of individual false eyelashes: "No, it's not a font that you can install on your computer — yet — but it's an inspiring example of the creative things people make out of everyday items." [BellaSugar]

• Oh, and this blogger spent $95 on a Claudio Riaz eye-shadow brush and totally regrets it, obviously. [Beauty Snob]

• More recently blogged thoughts on the awesomely important topic of John Galliano's new perfume: "It is far from wicked and is quite prim and proper. The violets are sweet with a strange baby doll head effect. It could be off-putting to many. The iris note … has a Chanel-like quality." [Blogdorf Goodman]

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