Prada Opens an Unexpectedly Rural Nightclub in London

Yellow. Patio. Furniture.

Tonight the Prada Foundation's first nightclub, the Double Club, opens in London. Tagline: "A bar, restaurant and dance club where the Congo meets the west; A bar, restaurant and dance club where the west meets the Congo." German artist Carsten Höller conceived the space, which, the press release tells us (in bold as if we couldn't tell from the tagline) is divided into three spaces — a bar, restaurant, and (wait for it) dance club — each equally divided into Western and Congolese areas. The space also showcases artwork. More details:

In the dance club, the DJ plays alternately Congolese and Western music on a circular dance floor which slowly revolves at about one turn per hour. When the DJ is in the Western part of the room, ‘Western’ music is played, while as coming into the Congolese part it will switch into Congolese Rumba, Wenge or Ndombolo.

When we heard Prada was opening a nightclub, we did not expect it to look like a bar in Mexico that serves overpriced Cuervo shots to tourists with popped collars. But alas, look above. However, British Vogue went to a preview party of the club last night and calls it "a stroke of nightclubbing genius." We confess the rotating dance floor sounds like it would grow increasingly amusing after a few bevvies. Simpleminded fun for all!

It Takes Two [British Vogue]

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