Porcelain Twinz File Suit Against Simon Hammerstein

We’re sort of surprised the Porcelain Twinz followed through with this (last we heard they had moved back to Portland), but they’re suing Simon Hammerstein for sexual harassment as promised. The Post has some quotes from the Twinz and their lawyer, and BlackBook has some choice snippets from the lawsuit.

“9. Upon information and belief, Plaintiffs arrived at Hammerstein’s apartment on July 9, 2008 and immediately declined Hammerstein’s proffer of powdered cocaine, a narcotic held in tall supply by Hammerstein, as Plaintiffs would soon discover.

20. Hammerstein enjoined Plaintiffs to “get undressed and come lay down with me.” Plaintiffs hesitated, as they did not wish to be intimate with Hammerstein. However, Plaintiffs felt compelled to accede to Hammerstein’s directive, as he had co-signed the lease on their new apartment.

21. Hammerstein required Plaintiffs to remove their underwear before demanding that they fellate him. Plaintiffs performed as ordered before engaging in oral sex with each at Hammerstein’s direction, while he masturbated. Hammerstein engaged in sexual intercourse with Plaintiff Heather Langley and other sexual acts with Plaintiffs. Plaintiffs thereafter departed in disgust from Hammerstein’s bedroom.

26. Upon information and belief, Hammerstein provides prime placement within the show at The Box to female performers who are willing to engage in sexual relations with him. One of Plaintiffs’ performances was removed permanently from the schedule without explanation and Plaintiffs emailed Hammerstein to indicate that they would perform fellatio on him if he would put their performance back into the show schedule. Hammerstein responded instantly, indicating only “Done.”

33. On or about November 6, 2007, Defendants instructed and required Plaintiffs to perform cunnilingus on each other as well as vaginal penetration with simulated phalluses ...

35. As Plaintiffs wished to remain gainfully employed at The Box, they began employing glass dildos in their new act, which Defendants renamed Twincest. While Plaintiffs strove to perform these sexual acts in an elegant and beautiful manner, they remained extremely uncomfortable engaging in actual non-simulated sex with each other ...”

For more, read the magazine's feature about Hammerstein and the Box.

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