Phillip Lim Gave Christmas Bonuses Last Year!

Philip Lim

Phillip Lim presented a rock-and-roll-inspired collection in the tents this afternoon. Whereas designers like Betsey Johnson and Vera Wang are showing off-site to save cash, Lim showed in the biggest (and most expensive) tent space with live musical act Lissy Trullie. Lim told us backstage after the show that he "can't complain" about business these days, noting "no one's immune" to the economy. Indeed, Lim's line ought to thrive in these times. Like Alexander Wang, his price points are lower than most high-end designer pieces — something Bergdorf women's fashion director Linda Fargo told us she's especially looking for this season.

He's not laying people off. "We actually gave Christmas bonuses. Celebration!" he trilled. He said spending the cash for the space in the tents was worth it, because IMG makes life easy and he can do things like have a live band. "There’s so many different variables that can go wrong and you’re just adding more layers to it. Fern Mallis and IMG — they make it so easy," Lim said. "I’m like, 'I want to do this,' and I’m thinking, ‘No way.’ But they’re like ‘do it!’" Nothing went wrong in Lim's show. Model Hyoni Kang had to take off her shoes to complete her walk, but barely tripped. "She picked herself up and dusted herself off and pretended like nothing ever happened — is that rock and roll or what?" Lim said. How would he have felt if she fell? "Falling is a different story. I’d be mortified. Because I can’t even imagine everyone looking at you, you know?"

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