NexCen Lays Off Entire Bill Blass Couture Staff With No Severance

Aah, the good ol' days...

It seems we have a new Grinch today. Bill Blass Couture laid off its entire staff Friday with absolutely no severance. Just in time for the holidays! The 60-plus employees include sewers and workers who had been with Blass for over 20 years. WWD reports that there is speculation that a severance package is contingent on sale of the brand. NexCen is reportedly in talks to sell the brand to Peacock, a company that specializes in men's ties.

But we're curious—wasn't the entire factory standoff in Chicago over no notice of layoffs and no severance? Sure, the plant was much larger, and the law generally applies to factories and large-scale layoffs, but we've already seen what a little organization and publicity can do for laid-off workers. We would think that NexCen would have to pony up for severances, and as they own other brands like the Athlete's Foot and two pretzel companies, surely they're not that strapped for cash? It's the holidays, people. Bah, humbug indeed.

Bill Blass Couture Closes [WWD]

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