New Lip Gloss Suppresses Appetite; Scarlett Johansson Debuts Brown Hair

Brunettes have more fun?

• A new lip gloss coming out in a few weeks called Huge Lips Skinny Hips is a lip plumper and appetite suppressant. If we see girls dipping their sashimi in this stuff, we will need therapy. [Butterfly Diary]

• Scarlett Johansson is now a brunette. Discuss. [Off the Rack/People]

• Whitney doesn't have the best hair and makeup on The City, claims Glamour. Rather, Erin is their top beauty pick, because she mixes it up with bangs and headbands and a clean palette or smoky eye. But now that she has a career like Whitney, she might not have time to be so creative. [Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Mischa Barton is the new face of Herbal Essences in Europe. People are surprised that she's still relevant, but you know how it is over there — "Disturbia" is probably the hot new jam right now. [Beauty Counter/]

• Meet Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the executive vice president and artistic director of O.P.I. nails. She's designed every shade for the past 20 years. That's a lot of crazy names to come up with, but at least now we know the origin of a mauvey-pink color called "Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore." That's right, we remember these things. [Lipstick Powder N' Paint]

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