Model DOWN at Chanel Couture

Our heart goes out to 23-year-old model Alexandra Tomlinson. She took a spill on the Chanel Couture runway today in Paris. Grazia reports that a member of the front row helped her up. A play-by-play of the fall hasn't yet surfaced, since, sadly, they don't broadcast the couture shows like hockey games. But the shoes are pretty high — if not nearly as outlandish as the spring 2009 shoes — so perhaps they're to blame. Man, falling at couture is so much worse than falling at any old show. Because couture is all about "the dream," and "the dream" doesn't eat it in front of the whole world. But it's okay, Alex. You're the star of the show now!

JUST IN: Chanel Couture set revealed – plus model tumbles [Grazia]

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