McConey Island's McCappuccinos

There was a collective sigh of disappointment in Coney Island last week when Kinetic Carnival learned that the relatively chic restaurant under construction on the corner of Stillwell and Mermaid avenues would be a new McDonald's. (Hey, we said relatively.) A worker on the site now tells Carnival that the space will be a classy effort from the fast-food franchise called McCafé. ABC News reported that McDonald's is planning to open McCafés in 14,000 franchises in 2009. The concept is quality coffee in a less intimidating setting — "you don't have to know a foreign language to order here," ABC reassures us. Given the demographics of Coney Island, McCafés would do well to know something besides English.

Coney's New McDonald's To Be Upscale: 'McCafe' [Kinetic Carnival]
From McMuffins to McLattes [ABC News]

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