Marc Ecko's Streetwear Empire Trying to Avoid Collapse

Marc Ecko.

Marc Ecko's streetwear empire might be on the brink of bankruptcy. Marc Ecko Enterprises — which owns *ecko unltd., Cut & Sew, Zoo York, Complex magazine,, ecko red, Avirex, and several licenses — owes investors a total of around $170 million. Ecko's chief marketing officer tells the Post that the situation is not "life-threatening at all." But still, the company has cut expenses, closed its warehouse, and is attempting to lease out its 23rd Street headquarters. See, it's not just the luxury brands that face huge financial troubles. The street is suffering too. And high schoolers may be the hardest hit, as these dire times threaten their rhino-emblazoned gear and Zoo York skateboards. Just what will Vanessa Hudgens do without her magical ecko red sneakers that she just danced in for her "Sneakernight" music video? Come out with "Barefootnight"? The horror.


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