Lupe Fiasco: Some Folks Dress Better Than Kanye

Kanye West made a stir both when he said he takes fashion inspiration from gay people, and when he backtracked on that statement this month by saying, "That's when I was ignorant to gays. 'Cause there's a lot of gay people who don't dress good at all. There's a lot of gay people that I dress way better than." Backstage at the Y-3 show, where Kanye showed up with a pretty fly ducktail/mini-mullet haircut, his friend and frequent collaborator Lupe Fiasco backed him up. "It's true!" said Lupe (who, incidentally, is waiting to talk to former tour-mate Chris Brown "until all this nonsense boils over"). "What do you want me to say?" Lupe acknowledged that Kanye doesn't dress better than EVERY minority group. "Japanese people and people from Paris have the best style. They can beat Kanye hands down. That’s where we get it from," he said. But he did think Kanye has the style edge on most of his fellow rappers. Said Lupe, "He definitely dresses better than me."

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