List of Dirtiest Dive Slanders Blarney Cove, Overlooks Bailarina Bars

Photo: Michael Hicks

Meet Now Live has a list of the city’s dirtiest dives, starting with Mars Bar. We really must rise to the defense of Blarney Cove in the East Village, which isn’t even the dingiest Blarney Cove in town — that would be the one in Chelsea! And the list doesn’t travel outside of Manhattan — if it did, it would have to include a few of the bailarina bars in Queens, where women salsa dance for $2 a song. We’ve told you about them before, and this week a feature in the magazine takes us inside the life of a taxi dancer at Flamingo, which was recently sued for labor violations. It can be a depressing scene, to be sure, but if you want to check it out without the overflowing toilets or the dancers who sometimes moonlight as prostitutes, the relatively upscale and sedate Al Ritmo de la Noche in Manhattan might be your place to kill a bucket of Tecates.

Top Ten Dirtiest Bars in New York [Meet Now Live via EV Grieve]
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