Lindsay Wears Leggings When She's Uncomfortable With Her Body

Lindsay Lohan

Because people are still calling leggings a comeback (people — they're BACK, okay? They've been back for over two years now, let's stop with the comeback crap), the Los Angeles Times tapped the Leggings Lolita of our generation, Lindsay Lohan, for her profound thoughts on how to wear the legwear. Just why is she so obsessed? "I never liked my thighs when I was younger, and I don't always feel comfortable with my body, so I understand that," says Lohan, who wears a size 0 in her brand 6126. "Pair a big sweater with leggings or layer, that's what makes them so good for winter." Excellent advice. Because without her own leggings line (which is defying the recession and "blowing off shelves") and incessant paparazzi pictures dictating just how to wear leggings, how else would the world know? Lauren Conrad, Fergie, and just about everyone in Hollywood can't handle that burden themselves, now can they.

Leggings make a comeback [LA Times]

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