Lindsay Lohan's Spray Tanner Actually Works

Lindsay Lohan knows how to work her strengths: No pants and a fake tan. After defying the odds and exploding with a leggings line called 6126, her follow-up Sevin Nyne spray tanner is set to hit on April 15 for $35 a bottle. And the good news: First testers report that it actually works. A writer at the New York Daily News says it "turned even a self-tanning skeptic into a believer with its natural color, yummy coconut scent and even-a-dummy-can-do-it spray application." Even better, it "self-corrects" color over time. We'll assume that if you have an orange face and streaky elbows, you didn't buy into the LiLo hype.

You too can tan like Lindsay Lohan, with her new self-tanner Sevin Nyne [NYDN]

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