Liam Gallagher Is Launching a Very Serious, Non-Skinny Clothing Line

Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher is joining the cult of celebrities who have started making clothes for themselves and selling them to the general populace because despite this big wide world of ours they can't find things they want to wear (hello, Posh Spice). His clothing line, Pretty Green, launches in July, and he's already got a fancy new website up to promote it. The website includes a video of a very serious Gallagher explaining the philosophy behind the range, posing for a photo shoot, and holding up a shoe. "I won't be putting anything out unless I'd wear it," he says. "I’m not into the skinny look — these skinny things. That’s what I’m here for — to fucking get rid of that shit." That is a crusade we — and probably Iggy Pop — are not ready to get behind. Watch the video to hear his choice words for pointy shoes.

Pretty Boy [British Vogue]

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