Let's Talk About Jill Biden's Clothes for a Change

We're going to mention Michelle Obama and the clothes she's worn in this post, but we're not going show you any pictures of her. This entry is devoted to a lady who has graciously stood in the long, long shadow cast by Michelle and her Thakoon and her Narciso and her H&M and her Jason Wu. This woman has been there all along with the Obamas and her husband (Can I Call You) Joe, smiling, looking tan, holding hands with Michelle here and there, and being generally lovely. Her clothes have been generally pretty lovely, too. Now that we've had some distance from Michelle and Wu, let's take a moment to appreciate Jill Biden and her fashion sense, from the campaign trail to the White House — er, Number One Observatory Circle. Reminisce about that which you probably never noticed, in the slideshow.

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