LeNell's Still LeNell's Till Next Year

Photo: Jeremy Liebman

When we last heard from bourbon queen LeNell Smothers, the rent on her eponymous Red Hook shop was paid through June and she was looking for a new space. According to her latest missive, LeNell has her eye on two different spaces ("one in Red Hook, one not") and must vacate her current shop by February 28, 2009:

I just got out of court with the landlord and signed a written agreement to be out of the current space by February 28, 2009. Current landlord initially had said he wasn't renewing my lease cuz he wanted the space for his own business. Fair enough. He's not the landlord I signed the lease with. But in court he says he wants to show the space, and even at one point threw out that he could get $12,000 for this space now in Red Hook. I can't stop laughing so at least I was somewhat humored through this whole process. Basement seriously floods everytime it rains, methadone clinic around the corner, junk yard next door, building falling down across the street, and don't even get me started on the shape of this building, but yeah, $12,000 seems to be right on par. Who will ever understand the mind of a landlord? At least we'll be able to get through the holiday season without moving stress. I am negotiating on two other spaces at the moment, one in Red Hook, one not. And you'll never believe, or perhaps you will, but the freaking vultures are out. Folks already trying to figure out how to get my liquor license if I have to shut down so they can open a store in Red Hook, like they can find a decent space more easily than I can. The nerve! I don't go down that easily...well, in real estate anyway. Uh...hmmmm...Anyway....

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