Lauren Conrad Says Her Clothing Line Will Return

After "Page Six" reported this week that Lauren Conrad's clothing line was put on hiatus indefinitely, Conrad is striking back on the Internet with her own self-preservation campaign. She writes on her MySpace blog:

A few days ago a statement was released to the showrooms that carry my clothing line. It asked them to let the stores know that I was planning to take a couple seasons off from my line so that I could make some changes that I felt were necessary. As a result, a lot of people were under the impression that my line was being discontinued or had been dropped. This isn't the case at all. The truth is I was the one who asked to take a couple seasons off. I have learned so much in the past year and I want to apply that to the improvement of my clothing line. I also wanted to make some changes in production so I would be able to lower the price point.

No word on if those changes in production involve recalibrating her personal greed. She continues:

I have spent the last couple weeks working on designs for spring, which is when I am planning to bring the (new and improved) line back. I also have some very exciting things going on that will be announced shortly.

Oh no. She's bringing her line back in a year, which means she's never going to go away. These other "exciting things" must be projects to tide her over and keep her face in Us Weekly in the meantime. We hope they're things we can easily ignore, like a Sirius Satellite Radio show or something.

Lauren Conrad On Her Line: “I Was the One Who Asked to Take a Couple Seasons Off” [StyleWatch/People]

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