La Superior Says Hasta La Vista to BYOB

Licensees get a talking-to at Borough Hall.

We just called several Brooklyn establishments to ask whether they’re still letting patrons bring their own. The good news is that most of them are, despite a Borough Hall compliance seminar that, as you can see, over 200 licensees attended last week. (We won’t name any names, since Big Brother is watching!) Now the sucky news: La Superior, like Motorino, has caved to pressure from the State Liquor Authority. Does the new booze ban at least mean a liquor license is imminent, as seems to be the case with Motorino? “Your guess is as good as ours,” said the man on the phone (given his level of exasperation, we’re guessing he may have been La Superior’s owner). “All I know is we’ve been waiting for it for seven months.” Yo, SLA — wake up from your siesta!

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