Kenley Collins Says She Never Threw a Cat at Her Ex

Yesterday ex–Project Runway contestant Kenley Collins had a hearing in Brooklyn Criminal Court about her arrest for allegedly attacking her ex-fiancé with a cat, apples, and a laptop. Kenley claimed she never threw the cat at her ex-beau Zak Penley while he was sleeping. She was charged with second-degree assault, but that will probably be dropped down to a misdemeanor next month. In an unexpected and somewhat weird turn of events, Kenley's mother is defending her to reporters, which is probably a good idea, considering her alleged propensity to throw living things. "My daughter told me they were arguing because she broke up with him and he wouldn't get out of the apartment," Jeanine Collins told the Daily News. "Zak's cat, Arlo, was bothering her, so she plopped him on a down comforter on the bed and told Zak to 'go feed him.' That's all there was to it." So now we know which cat it was!

I didn't fling feline, 'Project Runway' star Kenley Collins claims [NYDN]

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