Kenley Collins Is Back on the Loose

Be afraid.

Be careful in Brooklyn — Kenley Collins is back on the loose. The ex–Project Runway contestant was released without bail from jail following her arrest for her alleged assault on ex-fiancé, Zak Penley (at least she saved herself from becoming "Kenley Penley"). Kenley calls the incident a "miscommunication," in the Post today. Yet, this is what unfolded:

According to sources, the fur began to fly at 7 a.m., when Collins cocked her arm and threw one of the couple's two cats, Arlo or Sandra, at Penley, who was sleeping at the time.

She then threw her laptop as he fell and crawled on the floor, cops said. She also allegedly slammed a door on his head.

As Penley dialed 911, Collins threw three apples at him and doused him with water, cops said.

One of Kenley's neighbors told the paper, "Lately, there has been a lot of yelling. I can hear Kenley much louder than I can hear Zak. When she speaks, she yells. Since she moved in around September, there have been a lot of noise problems." Well, obviously. Doesn't she know that's what happens to kids who grow up on houseboats? Kenley has been told to stay away from the apartment and posed for pictures as cops went with her to retrieve her things yesterday. The cats were physically unharmed in the attack. No word on their emotional state.


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