Katie Holmes Looks Repressed in Her New Miu Miu Ads

Today's a big day for spring campaigns. Earlier Victoria Beckham's non-bony Armani underwear campaign debuted. The stars must have aligned because a peek of Katie Holmes's Miu Miu campaign also came out today. Both are paparazzi favorites and moms, have short brown pixie cuts, and were completely unexpected choices for each house. But whereas Posh's panty ad was provocative and lusty, Holmes seems meek here. Perhaps it's unfair to compare because Katie's wearing clothes and Posh isn't, but Mrs. Tom Cruise looks repressed and glazed-over. Then again, what else is new? Eight other models are rumored to star alongside Holmes in the ads — maybe those shots are more vibrant. Having said all that, we do want that dress, so the ad is a success!

Sneak preview: Katie Holmes for Miu Miu images! [Grazia]
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