Kate Moss Will Cut the Topshop Ribbon on Thursday Morning

The New York Topshop is basically all constructed and set up. The scaffolding is gone, the merchandise is hung, press are filtering in and out for previews (look for our video tour of the store shortly!). All Sir Philip and his minions need to do is throw the requisite 40 or so celebrity-stocked parties to honor the occasion, throw up a big fat ribbon and thrust awkwardly large scissors into someone's hands to cut it, and then let all the 14-year-olds lined up outside trample and beat each other on the way in (we will be among them, but the shoes we buy will be so worth it). So who's the lucky person who gets to awkwardly wield the giant scissors? Kate Moss! Yes, it's confirmed. According to WWD, she'll be awake on Thursday morning to cut the ribbon. We hope she gets a good night's sleep the night before so she can get there on time. Because the wrath of that mob is the last thing we'd ever want to descend upon us.

Topshop Lands in New York [WWD]

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