Kanye Doesn't Think He Dresses as Well as Michael Jackson

We caught up with Kanye West outside the backstage W Lounge after the Narciso Rodriguez show, where we finally got a chance to talk about his assertion that he dresses better than lots of gay people. Actually, he says, we were the first to ask him about that comment. “But there’s a lot of gay people that dress better than me, too,” he admitted. “No, I just think it’s a stereotype that all gay people dress good, and then it’s also a stereotype that if you dress good, you’re gay,” West explained.

Right. So does Kanye consider himself better dressed than most people in hip-hop? “Yeah, mostly,” he said. But when we pressed him for specific examples, Kanye would only say who he thinks out-dresses him. “I don’t think I dress better than Michael Jackson, so I think I got a long way to go. That’s what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about Michael Jackson, Stefano Pilati, Ralph Lauren himself, like, and until I’m on that level, you know.”

But perhaps it won't be long until Kanye IS on that level? After all, Elle's Joe Zee told us that Kanye was his ideal intern. Alas, Kan's not interested. “I don’t know if I want to intern at a magazine. I want to make clothes.”

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