Jewelers, Beware: Your Earrings Aren't Safe With Beyoncé

Were not sure if this is the earring in question, but at least it's intact.

While celebrities in borrowed designer gowns and diamonds traipsed the red carpet at the swanky amfAR gala last night, jeweler to the stars Lorraine Schwartz told us about a bizarre mishap with one of her expensive pieces on loan at a fancy event. “Beyoncé was in the middle of, I think it was the Grammys, and she was moving her hair and her earring flew into the audience,” Schwartz said. “It was a huge, big earring and she moved in one of her dances and it just flew, and everybody was screaming, everybody was so excited.” Luckily, she did get the valuable earring back, but she also learned a lesson from the incident. “It was pretty amazing, because it wasn’t on. Now we’re very secure about how we put the earrings on,” Schwartz says.

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