Japan's New Robot Fashion Model Threatens Real Models Worldwide

As if modeling weren't hard enough for a professional model in this economy, the Japanese have created a humanoid-robot fashion model that is sure to snatch up whatever work is left out there. The robot is modeled after the average Japanese woman, except it has eyes, face, and hair based on that of anime comic characters. Reuters reports:

The sleek HRP-4C runs on battery-powered motors located in her body and face, allowing the expressions, gait, and poses of a supermodel, but on a Stormtrooper–like silver-and-black frame.

The current 43 kg (95 lb), 158 cm (5 ft 2 inch) Cybernetic model has slimmed down from an earlier 58 kg (128 lb) robot ahead of a Tokyo fashion show debut on March 23.

OMG, at 5'2" she's an ideal contestant for the next season of America's Next Top Model! And we all know Japan can see into the future, so Tyra Banks could really be on to something with her new 5'7"-and-under height requirement. But if our humanoid sister wants to get on the show, she better beef up and prepare for battle at the auditions. Not only to survive, but because as a champion for Everywoman, Tyra won't want a girl who's starved herself silly.

Fashion robot to hit Tokyo catwalks [Reuters]

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