It's Time to Stop Scarlett Johansson's Migrating Side Part

February 3 at He's Just Not That Into You premiere, March 2 at "Extreme Beauty" exhibit, March 2 at Dolce & Gabbana, and March 24 at a Tribute to Cinema party.

A commenter alerted us to watch out for Scarlett Johansson's side part. Well, consider us alerted. And alarmed. ScarJo's part is taking on a life of its own as a traveling nomad amid her lovely locks. Ever since she dyed her blonde mane a rich shade of burgundy-brown this year, her part keeps inching over — so much so that she's in Stage Comb-over. As you can see above, it's a steady migration: In February she kept it center. A month later when she toured Europe for the fashion shows, the line moved just a tad over and looked natural. But when she showed up at the Tribute to Film party on Tuesday, the part started at the far tip of her eyebrow. If she keeps going at this rate, she'll have her part start at her ear, and that just won't suit her face. It's time to make it stop. Because she's too young and too hot to have a comb-over. Those are reserved for accountants, Wall Streeters, Donald Trump ... Yeah — ew.

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