In Which We Ask a ‘Mostly Vegetarian' to Assess Broadway East's New Bar Burger

Not only has Gavin Mills launched a new bar menu at vegetarian-friendly Broadway East, but he’s introducing beef via an outstanding grass-fed beef burger. Mills makes it with eight ounces of ground chuck, a bit of fatback for moisture, plus fresh garlic, confited shallots, fresh thyme, and a little cayenne pepper. The bold seasoning is mellowed out with roasted Shushan tomatoes. So is it good enough to sway flexitarians from the popular veggie burger (which, incidentally, Mills has bulked up a bit)? To find out, we fed both versions to a mostly vegetarian friend who occasionally dabbles in meat.

Our amateur judge described the beef specimen as gamy (keep in mind, she’s mostly a vegetarian), and though she agreed it was significantly more moist, she gave it only a 6.5 out of 10, while she gave the veggie burger an 8.5. It must be noted, we completely disagree with this assessment (the beef burger totally wins) and if we were still able to Whopper Sacrifice our misguided judge, we would. Anyway, here’s the rest of the bar menu, which will be served in the café from 6 p.m. till 11 p.m. (maybe a little later on weekends). Also! On Wednesday, Broadway East will introduce a $29, three-course prix fixe available from Sunday through Thursday, 6 p.m. till 8 p.m.

Bar menu

Crostini - $8
roasted beet, chèvre, truffle vinaigrette
duck liver pâté, fig jam, frisée
white beans, rosemary and sage

Pizzette - $10
roasted butternut squash, mozzarella, sage brunoisette
wild mushroom, Tallegio, truffle oil, micro arugula
margherita tomato, mozzarella, basil and oregano
caprina goat cheese, fig-rosemary spread, pear, arugula, truffle oil
misty morning blue cheese, prosciutto de Parma, black mission fig
panuozzo sausage, egg, broccollini, roasted sweet garlic, peperoncini
braised duck, organic egg, hollandaise

Calzone - $9
funghetti mushrooms, tomato, housemade ricotta

Panini $8
tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto , arugula, basil pesto

veggie - $12
soy smoked Gouda, tomato confit, fries
grass fed - $13
Tilamook Cheddar, roasted tomato, Essex St. pickle, fries

wild arugula, sherry vinaigrette, Parmigiano crostinii - $7

Sweets - $8
Lemon Ice Box Cake, Toasted Meringue
Warm Raspberry Souffle
Chocolate Hazelnut Torte, Caramel Ice Cream
Espresso Ice Cream Profiteroles, Fudge Sauce
Coconut Tapioca, Tropical fruit Salad

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