In Which Our Designer Crushes on Rodarte Get Renewed

We have had slight designer crushes on the Rodarte geniuses ever since their knitted tights went down the runways. But after reading Style File's Q&A, we realized, we'd totally have hung out with them in college.

I read somewhere that you funded your first collection by selling Kate’s vinyl collection to Amoeba Records. Are there any records you regret giving up?
KM: Oh, man. I can’t even talk about this.
LM: I had to sell the records. Boxes and boxes, I made so many trips out of that Amoeba basement in Hollywood. And the guy there seriously could not believe that the collection belonged to a girl.
KM: Which is really infuriating.
LM: Like in college, the way guys would be weirded out if you had a lot of different kinds of books, as though having varied taste is a gender-specific thing.
KM: I’m getting mad about this all over again.

Oh, haven't we all been there? Sing it, ladies.

Kate And Laura Mulleavy Miss Their Record Collection [Style File]

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