Hillary Clinton Debuts a New Hairstyle

The big political news this week is not that Hillary Clinton might be our next secretary of State. It's that she unveiled a new hairstyle for the first time since her bid for the Democratic nomination. The Telegraph spoke to Laura and Barbara Bush's hairstylist, who says Hillary shouldn't have matched her headband to her hair, and that she looks like she's about to wash her face (we kind of agree — she could go straight from the gala to a table at Bliss for an extraction with that thing). The Telegraph also postures that she's channeling Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko with her yellow braided milkmaid-esque headband. "[I]t could be bad timing to imitate the distinctive look when Tymoshenko's political future is uncertain — elections are next month — and her reign is marred by a bitter rift with Ukrainian President Yushchenko," the paper adds. Oh, why make it so complicated? She's obviously just been watching a little too much Gossip Girl.

Stop press: Hillary Clinton has a new hairstyle [Telegraph]

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