Handlebar-Mustache-Laden Adventures at Steampunk Day

Photo: Adrian Buckmaster

Droves of twentysomethings clad in feathered top hats and goggles descended on Carroll Gardens Saturday. No, Halloween didn't come early — it was Brooklyn Indie Market’s first Steampunk Day. Steampunk, if you're unfamiliar, is a subculture that blends together cyberpunk and Victorian-era technology and style. We know, sexy, right? The event was basically an excuse for guys with handlebar mustaches and girls in poufy-sleeved Victorian dresses to hang out — nothing short of a feast for the eyes! Steampunk lit author G.D. Falksen handed out a twelve-page typed primer to novices that included "rules for Steampunk style." (Example: "If you’re afraid your outfit is 'too Victorian,' you’re probably doing it right.") But no event would be complete without a fashion show: the latest in Steampunk attire, from combat boots, plaid hoop skirts, corsets, top hats, feathered wings (yes!), crinoline, and natty vests paraded down the catwalk. We wore jeans and a trench, so we, of course, stood out as the lone interloper. Grab your goggles and see more of the latest and greatest in Steampunk in the slideshow.

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