Halle Berry's Fragrance Drops Next Week; the Great Debate Over Gray Lips

Notice the curls!

• It seems like we can't go a day without mentioning Michelle Obama's style, but we must give credit where due. And last night, her hair looked amazing. That is all. [Jezebel]

• Halle Berry's fragrance hits stores next week. Can it outsell Jenna Jameson's, which also comes with a poster of her? We hope so. [Beauty Counter/Style.com]

• In the new behind-the-scenes video of Kylie Minogue's fragrance, Couture, her creative director divulges that the clothes she wears in the campaign are inspired by the bottle package — an oval. [Now Smell This]

• Did you know that Dimethicone is an FDA-approved ingredient that's used in moisturizers as a barrier, typically in products used to treat eczema? And that it's also found in products that waterproof leather boots? [NYT]

Glamour doesn't think the gray-lip trend we saw on the New York runways, like Doo.Ri and Rodarte, will take off. We disagree — something has to pick up where black lipstick left off. [Beauty Department/Glamour]

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