Half-a-Man vs. Food: The Ottomaneli Brothers Challenge

Given our competitive-eating expertise, we’re pretty sure we could topple this challenge at the new Ottomaneli Brothers restaurant on Fifth Avenue and 111th Street: “If you can eat the 24-ounce steak burger (that’s three of their normal hamburgers stacked with cheese and bread on a bun topped with fried onions) and fries and a 20-ounce soda within 20 minutes, your next lunch special is free,” says City Room. Seems like a breeze, but former New York Knick Cal Ramsey couldn’t rise to the occasion, and apparently only two people have, one of them a Brit. New York, this might be the reason Combos just ranked us the least manly city in America. (Or maybe the city really is getting healthier?)

Many Are Ordered but Few Are Finished [City Room/NYT]

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