Guess Who Introduced Beyoncé to Gareth Pugh?

In case you didn't catch Beyoncé's new "Diva" video over Chrismukkah, know that she rocks some fierce Gareth Pugh in it. Yes, she remains to Pugh like a moth to flame. And this might shock you: Grazia reports little sister Solange introduced Beyoncé to Pugh. Solange. Though we have bemoaned the seeming awkwardness of Beyoncé's new avant-garde fashion choices, we are prepared to embrace them, because frankly we are kind of in love with the "Diva" video. True, it's pretty cliché minus the clothes, but it's so enjoyably ridiculous that it manages to justify (the badness of) the song itself. The part where she busts out the fan made of money is one of the best things we've seen all winter. Go ahead and judge. Our love knows no shame. [Grazia]

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