Getting to Know Kanye's Lady Love, Amber Rose

We can't wait for the "hers" version of his jacket.

Kanye West has been squiring a statuesque bald woman all around Fashion Week, but who is she? The Daily News has answers. She goes by (totally made-up-sounding name) Amber Rose, and modeling is her trade. Recent gigs include posing nude for Smooth magazine. Being the better half to a person who (in his mind) can't be bettered requires some pretty big shoes. But it sounds like Amber has the feet to fill them:

“She’s going to be good for him,” an insider confides. “Amber is a model with a fly, out-there, in-your-face style and attitude, just like Kanye. She’s his match.”

The source adds, “Traveling with Kanye can be rough — press swarms him wherever he goes — but Amber is cool and collected about it all. She doesn’t care about industry stuff, and she actually understands Kanye.”

It must be tough for up-and-coming models to handle the press (just ask Madonna's man-candy, Jesus Luz). Here we thought she was an accessory, like Kanye's favorite Louis Vuitton monogramouflage bag, but no — she "understands" him. Care to enlighten the rest of us, toots? That mullet nub has been weighing on our minds.

Kanye West hits tents with a fresh-picked beauty Amber Rose [NYDN]

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