Fug Girls: Nicole Richie Gets the Cold Shoulder From Carine Roitfeld

Kate Bosworth, Common, Roisin Murphy, Nicole Richie: None of these people exists to Carine.

On the way into Bryant Park today, we spotted quirky musician Roisin Murphy — who just recently announced that she was going to stop dressing so crazy, but apparently forgot to tell her head, because her hair looked like the love child of a soft pretzel and a Victorian schoolmarm — talking to a man who grabbed her arm and cooed, "I love that you wear jeans," as several women also wearing jeans strolled past them. We didn't hear Roisin's response, but we presume she launched into a lengthy explanation of the immense inner strength it took to risk denim.

Presumably, it did take some strength for her to brave this afternoon's Diesel show, at least after she realized that the preshow soundtrack consisted of cats meowing, heavy breathing, and clips of dialogue from The Shining. We were scared, and we didn't even have to deal with sitting in a cordoned-off celebrity holding pen, like an animal in the zoo.

Also roped in was rapper-actor-hottie Common, who was seated between Murphy and Kate Bosworth. Not a bad place to find yourself, especially because Bosworth was looking particularly pretty with her hair down and full. Nicole Richie, on the other hand, appeared kind of wan and bored. It wasn't wholly her fault: While Roisin (on the left) greeted Nicole warmly before turning to chat up Common, Nicole's right-hand seatmate, Carine Roitfeld, appeared to ignore her completely. Considering that Paris Hilton was on the cover of French Vogue not so terribly long ago, this seemed strange to us. Has Carine not heard that the girls have made up? Isn't she the teeniest bit curious to learn what Harlow's first word was? Doesn't she even want to gently suggest that Nicole go back to that super-cute bob she used to have? Come sit next to us next time, Nicole. We have all kinds of things we want to ask you.

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