Fug Girls: Jimmy Fallon Plays Prom King at Rag & Bone

Rachel Zoe dies; Lake Bell thinks it's bananas.

So, it turns out we love Jimmy Fallon. The former SNL-er was like the Mayor of rag & bone this evening. He enthusiastically chatted up everyone around him, and we mean everyone: on his left, Damages star Rose Byrne (who has the thickest, prettiest hair we've ever seen); on his right, JoAnna Garcia; the random dudes who were sitting behind him; Rachel Zoe, who was a few seats down; Zoe's two assistants (who, contrary to how they behaved last season on The Rachel Zoe Project, appeared to be BFFs); every single reporter who came up to him, way past the time when the rest of the celebs had made a run for the exits; and, after all that, he talked with people we think were just guests who happened to be fans. He posed for camera-phone pictures with anyone who asked and stopped an interview to help some poor random dude who dropped an armful of equipment. He even smiled at us when we accidentally made eye contact with him. If there had been babies at the show, he would have kissed them. In short, he kind of seemed like an awesome dude. Who knew?

Fallon's good cheer was a palate-cleanser after the complete nightmare of gaining entrance to the venue. Rarely have we been convinced we were going to die so early in a Fashion Week. "This is UNSAFE," the woman in front of us exclaimed loudly, before giving up and pressing her way outside through what felt like an immovable block of humanity. And it probably was. We were so closely pressed against the rest of the guests that at one point we considered crowd-surfing our way to the check-in desk. Julia Restoin-Roitfeld had the right idea. We were standing outside right next to the heir to French Vogue's throne, waiting to get our seating assignments, when a tall, handsome man came pushing his way through the crowd. "Excuse ME, I'm LATE FOR THE SHOW," he called — politely, considering. As the masses parted like the proverbial Red Sea (believing him to be a model scheduled to walk), JRR clearly realized that she totally knew this guy and grabbed him and allowed him to escort her to their front-row seats. "Uh, my boyfriend is bringing me in," she attempted, even though from their conversation it appeared they had not seen each other in some time. If only we had a tall, quasi-male-model-type dude to save us from being crushed in the crowds. Maybe next year.

Actress Lake Bell, bearing up surprisingly well considering that she has two nouns for names, provided the meat in a Garcia and Zoe sandwich (a carb-o-rific description we're sure all involved would resent). We almost didn't notice random attendee Elijah Wood, hanging out peacefully at the end of the row with his gorgeous girlfriend, Pamela Racine. They rubbed shoulders with, but didn't see to speak to, Ugly Betty's Becki Newton — who looked a bit worn out, but she was really nice to us at a Club Monaco once so we don't care — and her husband, Chris Diamantopoulos. Fortunately he didn't seem too depressed by the fact that USA just canceled his show The Starter Wife; we, on the other hand, are kind of bummed that we're not going to find out what happens next in his character's hot love affair with the hot closeted action star.

At least we all had the Jimmy Fallon Party to console us. At the end of the show, Fallon — who, contrary to our guess that he was simply seeking face time to promote his upcoming NBC talk show, said he's known the rag & bone guys for years — cheerfully answered a question called out to him by a girl in the third row: "How did you like the chain mail?" He broke into a grin and replied, "I think I could rock chain mail. Definitely their chain-mail neck thing. Chain mail socks, no." Pause. "If I get knighted, maybe," he mused before helping the girl in her wobbly heels negotiate the steep bleachers. Sounds like he's already got the chivalry down pat; just brush up on your jousting, Jimmy, and we'll cross our fingers for you.

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