Foie Gras Enters the Momoverse

David Chang is sick and effin' tired of anti-foie-gras activists threatening him and his restaurants, and kindly requests that they stop picking on the Momoverse and focus on real animal abusers like, say, McDonald's. What's more, his ducks aren't mistreated, and are often offered mani-pedis while they're alive. To prove he's pissed: " ... the truth is that we've used very little foie gras at Ko or any Momofuku restaurant over the years, mainly because it's expensive and we try to keep our menus affordable. But as of today we'll be adding at least one foie gras dish to each of our menus in the coming week or so, and we’ll work to keep the prices of the dishes low, and we'll donate any proceeds from those dishes to charity, including City Harvest and The Foodbank NYC ... " [Eater]

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