Fashion Week Organizers Plan to Invite Michelle Obama

Now that the new administration has officially been installed in the White House, Fashion Week organizers will waste no time in reaching out to Michelle Obama with charitable initiatives. While the yearly Red Dress events promoting women’s heart health is Laura Bush’s program, IMG senior vice president Fern Mallis has ideas for Mrs. Obama. “We have several other great initiatives like that that I certainly think are perfect for her and her daughters,” Mallis told us at the New York Times inauguration celebration last night. “We intend to reach out in the next day or two — after everybody catches their breath — to some people on the staff,” Mallis added. “We would obviously be thrilled beyond belief if she would come to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and be at the tents and really show the world that support of the industry.”

Mallis declined to reveal which charitable causes they’ll put forth to the new First Lady, but says they will be for a future season, not next month’s shows. “I think it’s a little early to tie her into a quick, get on board a charitable initiative,” Mallis said. “But if she just showed up to show her support, we would happily cut the ribbon and welcome everybody to help. I mean, our industry needs all the help it can get, as does every industry, and there can be certainly no better cheerleader in this day and age than Michelle Obama. I mean, I couldn’t write a script for it better if I had to.”

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