Fashion Circles Scoff at Dasha Zhukova's Appointment to Pop

Dasha Zhukova, woman scorned.

When we learned Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova had been appointed editor in chief of Pop, replacing the inimitable Katie Grand, we wondered what the hell she knows about running a magazine. She's launched a clothing line and opened an art gallery, but boasts nothing on her résumé in the way of editorial experience. Apparently, we're not the only ones who question her capabilities. Dasha has been prancing around the Milan shows, where it sounds like editors have practically bruised each other's sides, elbowing each other and scoffing at her. Or at least reports one British fashion journalist snidely commented, "I'm going to be the next queen of England," and another joked Kylie Minogue would take over Vogue. Yeah, and we're going to watch Monday Night Football instead of The City. Har. Dasha confessed she "feels like the elephant in the room."

Sure, fashion can get bitchy, and we wonder if any of the snide comments were born of bruised egos belonging to those who were passed over for the gig. To her credit, Dasha's clothing line, Kova & T, has been successful, and her Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow is well-respected. But is she multi-talented enough to run a magazine? Daphne Guinness, who has been appointed to Pop's editorial board, seems to think so, sort of. “I am so excited about Dasha, and I think she’ll do great, great things with the magazine,” she told, which courteously informs us she did the interview over the phone while on vacation with Oscar de la Renta in the Dominican Republic. “But I would like to emphasize that I’m completely neutral here — I’m a free agent! Fashion is my family and I love everyone just the same.” Well at least Daphne will be nice to her. Maybe they'll take a girl's weekend together to one of their mansions this summer. Just think of the Facebook photos!

Blasblog: The Dasha Divide [ via Fashionologie]
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