Estée Lauder Cuts 2,000 Jobs; Botox Is On Sale

Michelle goes plum.

• Estée Lauder is cutting 2,000 jobs as part of a restructuring strategy. Brutal. [WWD]

• First Lady Michelle Obama chooses dark-plum lipstick for a breakfast. Not our morning shade, but what say you? [Day Life via Mrs. O]

• Genius idea: Paint your face so it looks like Shepard Fairey's Obama poster. Photoshopping is so 2008. [Robert Greene]

• A 28-year-old woman from Houston, Texas, got the biggest boobs in the world: Size 38KKK, which took an entire gallon of silicone. Why? [NYDN]

• Botox is officially on sale. Those tired of showing emotion, rejoice! [WSJ and Jezebel]

• Denver dermatologist Dr. Barbara Reed: "Hot water exposure is among the worst things for your skin this time of year. People ... stand under the steaming hot water of a shower, and their skin suffers and reacts." Okay, suit yourself, lady. [NYT]

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