Dudes Prominent at Y-3, Kanye Finally Shows

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Y-3.

At first we thought we’d been deafened by Tyson Beckford‘s hotness at Y-3 Sunday night, but it turns out he’s just soft-spoken. Once we could hear him, we learned that he likes to spend Valentine’s Day handing out roses to “all his ladies,” and that he owns 600 pairs of shoes. A man after our own hearts.

Considering his plaintive music, Rufus Wainwright came off shockingly shmoopy, engaging in some subtle canoodling for the photogs with an extremely cute companion, who looked vaguely like the actor David Sutcliffe. Well played, dude.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's talons, by Bijules.Photo: Jada Yuan

In fact, the show was full of dudes: Football player Reggie Bush brought both his most resplendent ear-bling (we could see his diamond studs from 50 feet) and girlfriend Kim Kardashian. In fact, Reggie could have been her accountant for all the photogs cared; they lavished their lens time on Kim as she posed in her white blazer with perilously aggressive shoulder pants, leather leggings, and gold talons by Bijules. K.Kard seemed to be having a great time — at one point singing along with the Carole King music — while Bush looked ... if not bored, then a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. His reserve was matched only by that of his seatmate, Aussie Olympic legend Ian “the Thorpedo” Thorpe, whose arms are as long as you’ve heard but who wasn’t nearly as bloated as recent rumors have suggested.

Also not bloated: Milla Jovovich, although she was wearing a headband that made her look disturbingly like Mischa Barton. This didn’t seem to dampen her mood, though, as she spent most of the show chatting animatedly to Kanye West, complete with gregarious hand gestures. When the passel of child models came out, her ovaries pinged — as did ours — because she cooed and oohed over them with Kardashian while a nearby Veronica Webb snapped photos in a frenzy.

As for Kanye, sadly, he was not wearing any of his extravagant sunglasses, but he did bring his entourage. Some things never change. We heard rumors that he was feeling cranky, but the sight of all those Y-3 pants must have perked him up; either he was enjoying the show or just liked talking to Milla. He wore an ear-splitting smile both during and after, when he got mobbed en route to the warm embrace of backstage. And hey, at least he didn’t stand us up this time.

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