Domino's, Lose Our E-mail Address

Okay look, we admit it, we ordered a pizza from Domino’s once, just to see how the pizza tracker worked. And just to see how gross a Philly cheesesteak pizza could be. And ever since then, Domino’s has been sending us e-mails about its oven-baked sandwiches EVERY THREE DAYS, begging us to order online or even text an order via cell phone. Domino’s, it was fun for a night, but please — we’re just not that into you. On the other hand, dear reader, if you, like Tinsley Mortimer, are a Domino’s defender, the company is doing this thing where you can nominate a friend who’s in need of a “Super Big Taste Bailout,” and if you’re one of two winners, the CEO will personally deliver coupons for a year’s worth of pizza to that friend and to you. So you can be fat and broke! Just be careful about giving them your e-mail address.

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