Did Obama Wear a Bullet-Resistant Suit Yesterday?

Nothing's getting past that suit...

If you're like us, you had a mild panic attack yesterday when President Obama got out of the car and walked down Pennsylvania Avenue with Michelle. Where was the Secret Service? Why isn't there a Popemobile for the man? Think of the snipers, people! But fear not. Apparently, our prez was wearing a bullet-resistant suit. Oh yes, no mere Kevlar vest can do for our new man. The suit, possibly by Colombian designer Miguel Caballero, could in theory stop a 9MM. Whew! This type of clothing has three levels of bullet-proofiness, and, if indeed Obama was wearing a Caballero design, we imagine it was the top-tier one. Sharply dressed and can dodge bullets? Swoon.

President Obama Wears Bullet-Resistant Suit at Inaugural [Gadget Lab/Wired.com]

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