Dessert and BBQ Island Trucks Reemerge

The Dessert Truck is back, but according to Midtown Lunch, “They will no long[er] be in the same space every day. According to their website they ‘have new locations and hours’ which will get posted to the site when they park wherever it is they are going to be.” The truck’s current hours of operation has it in midtown during weekday afternoons, in the East Village during weekday nights, and on the Lower East Side on Saturday nights. Meanwhile, the Voice discovers a barbecue van doing business out of a former car-repair garage at 168 Quincy and Bedford in Bed-Stuy. By the looks of the photo, it’s the BBQ Island truck that used to be at Coney Island. The unnamed pitmaster (presumably Blue Smoke vet Chris McGee) tells Fork in the Road that he’ll be in Dumbo this weekend.

A Man, A Plan, A Van -- Barbecue! [Fork in the Road/VV]
Dessert Truck is Back But No Longer Staying in One Place [Midtown Lunch]

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