Dermatologists Claim Facials Are a Waste of Money; Lauren Hutton Is Wrinkly

Lauren Hutton

• Dermatologists say facials are ineffective and don't do "anything preventative or anything long-term for your skin." Some doctors say they're just face massages with products that probably shouldn't go on your skin. And a waste of money. [NYT]

• Fashion critic Hilary Alexander devoted a whole article to Lauren Hutton's wrinkles. She writes, "Lauren Hutton is fashion’s most wondrous wrinkly. With her mane of tousled blonde hair swept off her face, she is an arresting sight, her lines and creases only enhancing her fearless, feisty beauty." [Telegraph]

• Researchers discovered that the "buttery ointment" called Vernix caseosa that pregnant women produce acts like moisturizer for babies, and are trying to create a synthetic version to sell to people like you. [Allure/Daily Beauty Reporter]

• Here's a list of the top ten celebrity mullets of all time. Taylor Momsen tops it. [FoxNews via Oh No They Didn't]

• Designer Tsumori Chisato is collaborating with Shu Uemura on a ten-piece makeup collection due out in October. Also, the brand is adding to their collection of crazy fake eyelashes with the announcement of four new sets that include rhinestones on gold leaves and speckled feathers. [WWD]

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