Coco Rocha Dares Jessica Stam to Crack at Miss Sixty

Coco Rocha and Mischa Barton at Miss Sixty.

The last time we saw Mischa Barton, it was in LAX on Thursday, frowning in an understandable funk at our six-hours-delayed flight and picking at her gnarled hair extensions. What a difference a few days and some tender loving flashbulbs make: Mischa rolled into Miss Sixty on Sunday looking considerably less crabby, smiled gamely for the press ... and picked at her gnarled hair extensions. Ah well, it was too much to expect a miracle; we suspect the day she stops tugging at those things is the day her agent straps her to a chair and cuts them free.

Barton acted totally unfazed by the instant media frenzy that kicked up when she sauntered out from backstage. The woman next to us cracked that, judging from the melée, she “thought it was Jesus Christ down there.” As far as we know, Mischa can’t walk on water, but she still basked in the glow of the lenses, which makes sense when you consider that attending Miss Sixty is the biggest job she’s held down in a while. She had on a tight leather off-the-shoulder dress reminiscent of the wardrobe from an eighties hair-metal video — we actually caught her adjusting her boob in it more than once. Model Coco Rocha, instantly visible thanks to her flame-colored hair, hopped up to hug Mischa, then ditched her end-of-row spot so they could sit together. Actresses Kristen Bell and Minka Kelly rounded out the celeb contingent, the former in bell-bottoms and the latter looking like we feel when we’re trying our best to maintain good posture and hating every second of it. They got along like a house on fire, gossiping right until the lights dimmed. (We imagine it was all about how cracked-out Bell’s ex-show Heroes is now.)

But as usual, the star of the Miss Sixty show — always one of our favorites for its sheer audacity — was the guests’ expressions. Bell attempted a poker face, but with a glimpse of what we SWEAR were wedgie-riffic black satin granny-panties, she was hard-pressed to restrain her dwindling faith in humankind.

The best, though, was Coco. Fellow top-tier model Jessica Stam walked in the show, and during both of her two struts, Coco waited until Stam was heading back up the runway — her face safely hidden from the photographers — to try and make her break face. Coco would erupt into giggles, and without fail Stammy bit her lip, snickered, and looked at her feet. Considering Stam wore at one point a strapless jumpsuit that was essentially the world’s highest-waisted pair of jeans, we like to think the unspoken mirth was because Stam was getting paid in free clothes. When Coco pulled the same trick again on the finale walk, Stam smirked and ever-so-briefly stuck out her tongue. And a thousand model fanfics were born.

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