Cheap Eats: Economic Meltdown Edition

Peter Luger vs. the General Greene.
Photo: Hanna Whitaker

As a special service to readers who are suffering in this economy, New York created a guide to living cheap in the city while still having a life. We got cheap drinking tips from Bob Cenedella, a fixture at Nancy Whiskey Pub (who also did the mural at Le Cirque), and a list of dives you’ll feel comfortable drinking in. Adam Platt blind-taste-tested seven different coffees and ranked Starbucks last. But if you’re still loyal to the mighty 'bucks, brew it at home and save more than $1,200. And just because your retirement got canceled doesn’t mean you can’t eat out anymore — just do it smarter. Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld found several low-cost alternatives to foodie favorites, so swap your Peter Luger porterhouse for a flap steak at the General Greene. Where’s the cheapest place to shop for groceries in New York? We analyzed the receipts of a four-person family to find out where to buy the most for less, and the answer isn’t always Costco. All the money you’ll save at the store will inspire you to cook more at home, which could save you another $1,200 a year. And we even found some cheap wine to go with your homemade salmon al vino rosso.

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