Buy It Now: ‘The Largest White Truffle to Land in the USA in the Last 3 Years'

Photo: Courtesy of Mikuni Wild Harvest

It was big news when Le Cirque shelled out $7,000 for a monster one-pound truffle last year, but if we’re to believe an amazing mass e-mail from Tyler Gray, founder of Mikuni Wild Harvest, he is in possession of a two-pound White Alba truffle that could go for around $11,000 (at least that’s what he says he has already been offered).

You'll have to excuse the blurry picture, it was taken not 2 hrs ago by a very excited Italian gentleman named Francesco the Forager ... He stumbled / sprinted out of the forest mid afternoon in a haze of deliria and joy, grasping tightly to his most precious find ever...a 2LB WHITE ALBA TRUFFLE....2.15 lbs to be exact & by far the largest White Truffle to land in the USA in the last 3 year….Francesco said that he has never ever found a truffle by this tree before, but he could smell it under ground & so he thought it might be big….he was very pleasantly surprised....I think my hands might be shaking too if I were to stumble across this rare treasure.

After much negotiating and an over caffeinated Italian interpreter sweating us through the whole is confirmed, Mikuni Wild Harvest has secured this Truffle. The news has some how leaked and a restaurant in NY has offered us $11,000 for this rare and media friendly Gem....however we are opening this Truffle up to the rest of the country. Do you want to stick it to the big name NY Chefs?? Now’s your chance….make a bid.

The Truffle arrives Friday morning and will ship out for a Saturday delivery.

We love the line: “Do you want to stick it to the big name NY Chefs??” Because when you’re trying to sell a piece of food for the price of Michelle Obama’s inaugural earrings, you market yourself to the little guy.

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